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Donkey Projects is an online resource for exclusive, high quality graphic design & web development content for people of all design skill sets to get access to. The members area is constantly being updated with blog theme generators, tutorials, brushes, vectors, code snippets, and much more to help you in making your project look freakin amazing! All while potentially earning awesome residuals. :)

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Take advantage of the tutorials to gain graphic design and web coding skills that can be valuable to any field. Whether you're an employer, employee, or freelancer, you'll learn some impressive things you can apply to your industry.

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We promise to provide you with awesome downloadable goodies that are ready to be used in any project that you may be working on at the moment so you can go from "work in progress" to "finished piece" just a bit faster.

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We pay you weekly for every single person you refer who keeps a paid membership. We figured if you help to bring us members and they stay, you should continue getting paid. Think of it as a weekly thank you in the form of money.

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